On Discernment

From Let us Dream by Pope Francis. The book is in 3 parts: A Time to See, A Time to Choose, A Time to Act. Following is an excerpt from A Time to Choose. “Between the first step, which is to come close and allow yourself to be struck by what you see, and the… Continue reading On Discernment

The Heart of Religion

“Heart stands here for that core of our being where we are one with ourselves, one with all, one even with the divine ground of our being. Belonging is therefore a key word for understanding the heart – the oneness of limitless belonging. A second key word is meaning, for the heart is the organ… Continue reading The Heart of Religion

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On Love

From Love Never Faileth by Eknath Easwaran. “Saint Paul’s “epistle on love” (I Corinthians 13) is an eloquent, practical little manual for loving, so pregnant with meaning that I recommend it to everyone for use in meditation. Some will prefer the King James Version, with its elevated beauty of language. Others will find that the… Continue reading On Love

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On Forgiveness

“Far away at that moment sat a king in a hall, enthroned.

A captive was brought before him who, though bound, was proud, defiant and haughty of spirit.

There was utter silence in the hall while they waited for the king to speak words of doom for his ancient enemy.

The king said, ‘I had thought to do some fierce thing to thee and so end they life, my enemy, but I remember now with sorrow not only the great wrongs we have done to each other, but the many hearts made sore by our hatred. I shall do no more wrong to thee. Thou art free to depart. Do what thou wilt but as for me I will make restitution to thee for thy ruined state.’

Then the soul which no might could conquer was vanquished. The knees of the captive were bent and his pride overcome.

‘My brother,’ he said, and could say no more.”

From Healing Meditations by Swami Paramananda.