Down through the ages, different religions have inspired and motivated human beings from all walks of life to go within and find their true spiritual nature and connection to the Divine. Great souls have come into being to shed light and give direction on the path of our spiritual journey here on Earth.  

In the spirit of religious unity, SeeingWithTheHeart seeks to promote understanding and awareness of God’s love for all people as witnessed through the many religions and belief systems from ancient times to our modern-day world. Posts are chosen by the website author from books, videos, online articles and writings. This is a website that honors the world’s prominent religions. Understanding and respect for people of all faiths is encouraged and appreciated.

“Shining, well-seated in the heart, moving in the heart, is the Great Being, the Support of all. In Him all is fixed, whatsoever moves, breathes and winks. Know Him Who is both being and non-being, Who is beyond the reach of human understanding, the highest and most adorable One.”

– Mundaka Upanishad