Meditation and Prayer

Laurence Freeman OSB, Director of the World Community for Christian Meditation,  calls meditation a “prayer of the heart”. Meditation enriches other forms of prayer to which we are more accustomed, such as the prayers we say when we gather as a group, when we wake up in the morning, before a meal or during a sacrament of worship or baptism. In the following video, “Christian Meditation in Christian Life”, Father Freeman speaks from the perspective of his Catholic faith and life as a monk, but his message is for people of all faiths and traditions. It is a practice that many of us in the West were not taught growing up, thereby the “unknowing” of it can make some of us uncomfortable at first. But the practice of meditation on a consistent basis deepens every spiritual life. Father Freeman considers it a “pilgrimage”, a journey, from the mind to the heart, where God dwells in each of us.  

Click on the following link to hear “Christian Meditation in Christian Life, Prayer of the Heart.”

For more information on the World Community for Christian Meditation, as well as Father Laurence Freeman, click on the following link:

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